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Bruno Mars – Liquor Strore Blues

Monday, March 7th, 2011 | Bruno Mars
C#m, Abm, A, B
(Verse 1)
Standing at this liquor store,
       Abm                              A                        B
Whisky coming through my pores, Feeling like I run this whole block.
      C#m                               Abm
Lotto tickets and cheap beer That’s why you can catch me here,
      A                        B
Tryna scratch my way up to the top.
               C#m           Abm          A                
Because my job got me going nowhere, so I ain’t got a thing to lose.
        C#m                Abm                 A           
Take me to a place where I don’t care, this is me and my liquor store blues.
              C#m             Abm
I’ll take one shot for my pain,
    A         B
One drag for my sorrow.
    C#m            Abm
Get messed up today,
      A    B
I’ll be ok tomorrow.
    C#m             Abm
One shot for my pain,
    A          B
One drag for my sorrow.
    C#m            Abm
Get messed up today,
      A    B
I’ll be ok tomorrow.

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Bruno Mars - Liquor Strore Blues

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