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Nidji – Disco Lazy Time

Monday, May 11th, 2009 | Nidji

Intro = Dm Bb F 2x

Wake me up tonight
Bb F
Drive me to the town aa aa
Sleep with me tonight
Bb F
She’s my lonely wine aa aa

Nothing is forever
Bb F
Nothing is for real aa aa
Do you have to leave me
Bb F
Why don’t you just kill me aa aa

If time is the loneliest people then
Life is the loneliest time
Bb F C
Time is the loneliest people life a ha

Dm Bb F C
This is disco laziest time (I want you n’l need you)
Dm Bb F C
This is disco laziest time (I want you n’l need you)
Dm Bb F C
Techno baby come around (I want you n’l need you)
Dm Bb F C
This is disco loneliest time (I want you n’l need you)

Intro = Dm Bb F 2x
Back to (*), Bridge
, chorus
intro = Dm Bb F

Dm Bb F A
I want you n’l need you ……….

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Nidji - Disco Lazy Time

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